Dasset is a Cryptocurrency Exchange in Auckland, New Zealand. Founded in 2017 by Stephen Macaskill and Fran Stranjnar. Dasset’s big advantage over other cryptocurrency marketplaces in NZ is its partnership with Bittrex, a large international exchange that has volumes of ~$100 million a day. Dasset uses Bittrex’s liquidity but converted into NZD, giving Dasset the best rates and deepest liquidity of any marketplace in NZ.

Dasset is an Exchange. Meaning that your order is matched with other buyers or sellers. You can place a ‘market’ order where your order is filled immediately at the current price. Or a ‘limit’ order where you set the price, and the order is filled when that price is reached.

When you buy Cryptocurrency on Dasset, the crypto is stored in custody with BitGo. Then you can decide when you want to transfer that crypto back to your own digital wallet. This allows you to make multiple trades before sending to your own wallet, which saves on network transaction fees.


Auckland, New Zealand
15 Sale Street, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
0800 461 240
Fiat Currencies
Trading Fees
FeeLimit OrderMarket Order
NZD Markets0.35%0.33%
Crypto/Crypto Markets0.10%0.10%

Note that on Dasset there is a link labeled 'Buy / Sell' which has a higher fee of 1.00%. The fees above are for the 'exchange' link.

NZD Deposit Methods
New Zealand domestic bank transferTypically 1-3 business daysFree
POLi PayInstant1% (max $3.00)
NZD Withdraw Methods
New Zealand domestic bank transferTypically 1-3 business days $7 $20 minimum
Fees to withdraw crypto from Dasset to your own wallet are not included in the rates. You can check the fees here. These fees are charged by the crypto currency network to process the transaction, so typically they will be similar across all exchanges. However, the rate Dasset charged doesn’t always track the market price exactly. It’s a good idea to double check by converting the fee in the token amount to NZD to better understand how much you will be charged. To minimize fees, consider waiting to consolidate multiple purchases into a single transaction.

NZD Crypto Markets

On Dasset you can buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH) for New Zealand Dollars using New Zealand domestic bank transfer, or POLi Pay payments. You can also buy/sell stablecoins NZD Stablecoin (NZDS), Dai (DAI), USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT), And 36 altcoins including Aave (AAVE), Cardano (ADA), Algorand (ALGO), Cosmos (ATOM), Balancer (BAL)...

Market rates include the 0.33% market order Dasset trading fee for fair comparison between other marketplaces.

CoinMarketYou Sell (inc trading fee)You Buy (inc trading fee)
BitcoinBitcoin (BTC)BTC / NZD$61,554 (-0.48%)$61,981 (0.21%)
EthereumEthereum (ETH)ETH / NZD$4,276 (-0.44%)$4,307 (0.28%)

Stablecoins / NZD

CoinMarketYou Sell (inc trading fee)You Buy (inc trading fee)
NZD StablecoinNZD Stablecoin (NZDS)NZDS / NZD$0.99 (-0.84%)$1.01 (0.82%)
DaiDai (DAI)DAI / NZD$1.42 (-0.54%)$1.44 (0.86%)
USD CoinUSD Coin (USDC)USDC / NZD$1.42 (-0.10%)$1.43 (0.57%)
TetherTether (USDT)USDT / NZD$1.42 (-0.06%)$1.43 (0.61%)

Altcoins / NZD

CoinMarketYou Sell (inc trading fee)You Buy (inc trading fee)
AaveAave (AAVE)AAVE / NZD$414.61 (-1.31%)$420.66 (0.14%)
CardanoCardano (ADA)ADA / NZD$3.23 (-0.39%)$3.26 (0.36%)
AlgorandAlgorand (ALGO)ALGO / NZD$2.48 (0.07%)$2.50 (0.88%)
CosmosCosmos (ATOM)ATOM / NZD$55.25 (-0.42%)$55.67 (0.32%)
BalancerBalancer (BAL)BAL / NZD$29.67 (-1.05%)$30.77 (2.55%)
Band ProtocolBand Protocol (BAND)BAND / NZD$10.52 (-0.92%)$10.77 (1.40%)
Basic Attention TokenBasic Attention Token (BAT)BAT / NZD$0.913399 (-0.47%)$0.920635 (0.32%)
Bitcoin CashBitcoin Cash (BCH)BCH / NZD$730.45 (-0.21%)$735.75 (0.51%)
Bitcoin SVBitcoin SV (BSV)BSV / NZD$183.89 (-0.75%)$186.24 (0.53%)
CeloCelo (CELO)CELO / NZD$9.06 (-0.69%)$9.13 (0.13%)
CompoundCompound (COMP)COMP / NZD$499.69 (-0.35%)$504.49 (0.60%) Coin (CRO)CRO / NZD$0.224696 (-0.70%)$0.227014 (0.33%)
DigiByteDigiByte (DGB)DGB / NZD$0.06537276 (-0.56%)$0.06606326 (0.49%)
DogecoinDogecoin (DOGE)DOGE / NZD$0.292528 (-0.71%)$0.294823 (0.07%)
PolkadotPolkadot (DOT)DOT / NZD$41.9 (-0.90%)$42.3 (0.16%)
Enjin CoinEnjin Coin (ENJ)ENJ / NZD$1.91 (-0.67%)$1.93 (0.24%)
EOSEOS (EOS)EOS / NZD$5.59 (-0.48%)$5.63 (0.23%)
FilecoinFilecoin (FIL)FIL / NZD$79.22 (-1.06%)$80.52 (0.56%)
The GraphThe Graph (GRT)GRT / NZD$0.971677 (-0.55%)$0.981847 (0.49%)
Hedera HashgraphHedera Hashgraph (HBAR)HBAR / NZD$0.481912 (-1.12%)$0.485946 (-0.28%)
KomodoKomodo (KMD)KMD / NZD$1.226329 (-5.75%)$1.386885 (6.49%)
ChainlinkChainlink (LINK)LINK / NZD$35.66 (-0.64%)$35.94 (0.14%)
LoopringLoopring (LRC)LRC / NZD$0.524489 (-0.96%)$0.542847 (2.45%)
LitecoinLitecoin (LTC)LTC / NZD$215.44 (-0.36%)$217.04 (0.38%)
DecentralandDecentraland (MANA)MANA / NZD$1.024950 (-0.72%)$1.034171 (0.18%)
PolygonPolygon (MATIC)MATIC / NZD$1.61 (-0.72%)$1.63 (0.30%)
OMG NetworkOMG Network (OMG)OMG / NZD$12.43 (-0.30%)$12.54 (0.58%)
RavencoinRavencoin (RVN)RVN / NZD$0.145148 (-0.57%)$0.146460 (0.33%)
Synthetix Network TokenSynthetix Network Token (SNX)SNX / NZD$14.80 (-0.35%)$14.95 (0.65%)
StorjStorj (STORJ)STORJ / NZD$1.51 (-0.05%)$1.54 (1.81%)
TRONTRON (TRX)TRX / NZD$0.126139 (-0.66%)$0.127318 (0.28%)
UniswapUniswap (UNI)UNI / NZD$33.43 (-0.64%)$33.70 (0.17%)
StellarStellar (XLM)XLM / NZD$0.393911 (-0.85%)$0.396915 (-0.09%)
XRPXRP (XRP)XRP / NZD$1.350151 (-0.40%)$1.360208 (0.34%)
TezosTezos (XTZ)XTZ / NZD$9.81 (-0.36%)$9.89 (0.42%)
0x0x (ZRX)ZRX / NZD$1.266096 (-0.20%)$1.276083 (0.58%)