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Mid-price from Binance ETH/USDT * USDT/USD

USD/NZD Exchange Rate

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ETH USD * USD/NZD exchange rate

The price for 1 ETH in NZD is $1,948 or $1,232 in USD. The total marketcap for Ethereum is $148,405,255,944 USD with a circulating supply 120,523,055.95 ETH out of a total supply of 120,523,055.95 ETH. The price is down -2.20% in the last 24 hours with a trading volume of $5,768,933,259 USD. The all time high (ATH) price for Ethereum was $4,878 USD on Thursday, November 11, 2021 (a year ago). The current price is -74.76% from the high.

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NZD Ethereum Exchanges

MarketplaceMarketYou Sell (inc trading fee)You Buy (inc trading fee)
Independent ReserveIndependent Reserve
ETH/NZD$1,924 (-1.27%)$1,962 (0.69%)
ETH/NZD$1,929 (-1.02%)$1,972 (1.21%)

NZD Ethereum Brokers

MarketplaceMarketYou sell (inc trading fee)You Buy (inc trading fee)
ETH/NZD$1,880 (-1.80%)$1,938 (1.22%)
Easy CryptoEasy Crypto
ETH/NZD$1,917 (-1.66%)$1,973 (1.26%)

Buy Ethereum with Credit Card NZ

MarketplaceMarketYou Buy (inc fees)
ETH/NZD$2,034 (4.22%)

NZD Ethereum P2P Marketplaces


Ethereum P2P Sell Offers - You buy Ethereum

jwang.ccBank transfer - NZ Bank transfer$2,024 (3.75%)$50 - $5,000
TokenutCash (in person) - AKL | CHCH Cash Trade$2,156 (9.61%)$500 - $5,000

Ethereum P2P Buy Offers - You sell Ethereum

alibitcoinBank transfer - **INSTANT ETH Sale for Cash **$2,747 (29.08%)$1,000 - $15,000
TokenutCash (in person) - AKL | CHCH Cash Trade$1,919 (-1.55%)$500 - $5,000
TokenutCash deposit - AKL | CHCH Cash Trade$1,919 (-1.55%)$500 - $5,000
mufetaCash (in person) - $$$$1,884 (-3.41%)$500 - $5,000
jwang.ccBank transfer - MOST BANK INSTANT$1,865 (-4.48%)$30 - $5,000
CryptoX_NZBank transfer - All Banks | ANZ & Westpac Ins$1,844 (-5.67%)$300 - $9,000
pana951Bank transfer - All Banks Welcome$1,807 (-7.81%)$500 - $8,000
codemeitBank transfer - Fast Transfer - ANZ$1,730 (-12.66%)$20,000 - $100,000
bob_li_2018Bank transfer - US dollars please$1,172 (-66.23%)$200 - $1,000
bob_li_2018Bank transfer - Just want to play with ether$1,171 (-66.40%)$500 - $2,000

Binance P2PBinance P2P

Ethereum P2P Sell Offers - You buy Ethereum


No sell offers at the moment. You can make an offer here

Ethereum P2P Buy Offers - You sell Ethereum

zhuifengBank Transfer$1,930 (-0.94%)$1,000 - $30,000
pana951Bank Transfer$1,853 (-5.15%)$50 - $8,500
NZ-GOLDBank Transfer$1,600 (-21.78%)$25 - $2,500
ELIGUSWise, Lloyds Bank, Starling Bank, Bank Transfer, Transfers with specific bank$1,553 (-25.42%)$100 - $5,000
might-night-dealBank Transfer$1,552 (-25.55%)$50 - $500

 Ethereum Gas Prices in $NZD

Gas is used to pay for transaction fees on the Ethereum network. The price of Gas is measured in GWEI. 1 GWEI = 0.000000001 ETH. Just like 1 cent = 0.01 dollar.

Different types of transactions use different amounts of gas depending on their complexity. Sending ETH is the cheapest. It costs more to send ERC20's tokens and then even more to interact with smart contracts like trading on a decentralized exchange such as Uniswap.

You can choose the gas price in your wallet. Transactions with the highest fees will be included in blocks first. If you need your transaction to be included right away, choose the highest gas price. If you can wait, try a low gas fee. If the gas price increases rapidly, or you enter a very low price the transaction can be pending for a long time. To speed up a pending transaction you overwrite it with a new one that has a higher gas fee. To do this in Metamask you need to enable "Customize transaction nonce" in Settings > Advance. Now make the transaction again, but set the "Custom Nonce" field to the nounce of the transaction you want to overwrite. Usually you just need to subtract one from the nounce, but if you have multiple pending transactions you can check by entering your wallet address at click on the first pending transaction and the nounce will display under "Click to see More". Otherwise just wait your transaction will be included eventually.

FeesLow (13 Gwei)Average (15 Gwei)High (15 Gwei)
ETH Transfer (21,000 Gas)$0.53$0.61$0.61
ERC20 Transfer (65,000 Gas)$1.65$1.90$1.90
Uniswap Add/Remove LP (175,000 Gas)$4.43$5.11$5.11
Uniswap Swap (200,000 Gas)$5.07$5.85$5.85

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